1. Devoted to the protection of life and property
  2. Increased value to professionally video monitored solutions
  3. Increased officer safety and awareness 
  4. Real-time video clips for officers and end-users
  5. Better use of law enforcement resources
  6. Significant reduction in false dispatches
  7. Increased arrest rate
  8. Real-time location mapping for officers and end-users
  9. More efficient and effective communications with PSAPs and end-users
  10. Downloadable video clips of incident for law enforcement
  11. Simple and cost effective cloud-based technology
  12. Virtual Guard training and certification program
  13. Integration with current, mainstream monitoring platforms
  14. Every purchase is a donation to local law enforcement
  15. Devoted support team with over 25 years’ industry experience
  16. Simple interface developed for ease of use and compatibility
  17. Strengthening relationships between all stakeholders (Law Enforcement, Central Stations, End-users, Insurance Companies, Camera Manufactures, Automation Systems)
  18. Embracing industry trends towards video monitoring 
  19. Ultra-low bandwidth requirements
  20. Selectable video clips ensure accurate data to law enforcement and end-users