Protect life and property with on demand video clips and real-time location mapping for responding officers and end-users.


Introducing CAST:

Cooperative Alarm Sharing Transmission

Police Priority’s CAST technology strengthens relationships between central monitoring stations, their end users, and local law enforcement through revolutionary cloud-based technology.

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Police Priority has patents pending.

Differentiate your business with Police Priority’s CAST features. 


Real-Time Location Mapping


 Updated location mapping in real time increases officer safety and awareness. 

Increased Value is a win-win for all stakeholders.


Cloud Based,  Efficient Technology


Accessible on Any Web Based Device for instant access by officers and end users.

 Downloaded Video Clips for law enforcement and end users.


User Friendly   Adaptation 


Simple Interface works in conjunction with the automation system and eliminates lengthy learning curves. 

Hands-on Training for central monitoring stations and law enforcement for a streamlined process. 


Police Priority is committed to strengthening relationships with local law enforcement.  Therefore, a portion of all proceeds is dedicated to support officers and community related charities through grants and sponsorships.

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Strengthen partnerships. 

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